Product Overview

Formerly Powerware 9390 UPS

The energy-efficient Eaton 9390 UPS provides backup power and scalable battery runtimes in a small footprint for mid-size data centers, medical equipment and other critical systems. With the groundbreaking Energy Saver System, the 9390 operates at 99% UPS efficiency and can pay for itself in three to five years—without sacrificing reliability.

Features & Benefits

  • Delivers 99% efficiency without sacrificing reliability using Energy Saver System
  • Provides stronger power performance with optimum generator sizing, PFC power supply compatibility, and via lowest THD that enhances compatibility with upstream power systems
  • Offers the highest reliability and availability with Powerware Hot Sync paralleling, superior battery management, inherent redundancy and a scalable architecture that adapts to increasing power requirements
  • Delivers robust manageability with superior control and connectivity and with a superior service offering
  • Works with the Intelligent Power Software Suite, which offers free monitoring, management and shutdown software ideal for protecting physical and virtual machines

Eaton 9390 Product Snapshot

Power Rating20-160 kVA
Voltage208/208, 380/380, 400/400, 480/480 (standard) 600/600, 600/208, 480/208 (optional)
Frequency55-65 Hz
Product SeriesPowerware

Eaton 9390 UPS Technical Specifications

UPS Rating (0.9 power factor)
kVA20, 40, 80, 120, 160
kW18, 36, 72, 108, 144
General Characteristics
Efficiency99% with Energy Saver Mode
Parallel CapabilityFour modules with tie cabinet
Audible Noise<65 dBA @ 1 meter
Altitude (max)2000m at 104°F (40°C)
Input Characteristics
Voltage208, 380, 400, 415, 480, 6001
Voltage Range+10% / -15%2
Frequency range55-65 Hz
Power Factor0.99 (min)
Input Current Distortion<4.5%
Soft Start CapabilityYes
Internal Backfeed ProtectionYes
Broadcast global supportYes
Output Characteristics
Voltage2083, 3803, 4003, 4153, 4803 , 6004
InverterPWM with IGBT Switching
Voltage THD< 2% (100% linear load);
< 5% (non-linear load)
Load Power Factor RangeDown to 0.9pf leading without de-rating
Heat dissipation
(BTU/Hr x 1000/Hr)
80 kVA, 208V: 23.6
160 kVA, 208V: 47.3
80 kVA, 380-480V: 21.9
160 kVA, 380-480V: 43.8
Battery typesVRLA, AGM, Gel, Wet, Eaton batteries also available
Battery voltage384 - 480 V
Temperature CompensationOptional
Charging methodAdvanced battery management
Dimensions and Weights
40-80 kVA modulesHxWxD: 73.7 x 18.9 x 31.6 in./1872 x 480 x 803 mm
40-80 kVA Modules640 lb./290 kg (208V); 568 lb./258 kg (480V)
120-160 kVA ModulesHxWxD: 73.7 x 35.6 x 31.6 in./1872 x 904 x 803 mm
120-160 kVA Modules1,060 lb./481 kg (208V, 480V)
Back/Side Against Wall InstallationStandard
SafetyUL1778, cUL
EMCIEC62040-2 EN50091 Class A (restricted access)
SurgeANSI C62, 41 Cat. A&B
Module tie cabinetOptional
External Maintenance BypassOptional
Integrated Distribution CabinetOptional
Isolation TransformerOptional
eNotify Remote Monitoring service option
24x7 remote monitoring of UPS and battery alarms, daily heartbeat check and monthly report. eNotify requires the PXGX-UPS Card and Environmental Monitoring Probe
Communication Options
Software CompatibilityIntelligent Power Manager, PowerVision, LanSafe, FORESEER, Power Xpert
Communication CardsStandard system includes one ConnectUPS Web/ SNMP/-X Card with an Environment Monitoring Probe. Two communications bays standard. Four communication bays included. The following connectivity card options can be installed at any time:
  • Modbus Card
  • Relay Interface Card (Use for AS400's)
  • Industrial Relay Card (5A@120V)
  • Hot Sync CAN Bridge Card provides CAN communications, isolated RS-485 port
  • Environmental Monitoring Probe (EMP)

Remote Inputs/OutputsTwo building alarms inputs and one summary alarm contact (5A@120V) standard
Four more building alarm inputs available with the Communications Expansion
Option Remote panelEight backlit status indicator lamps plus an audible horn
  • * See the Limited Factory Warranty for 9390 products for details. Batteries are warranted by the battery manufacturer and not by Eaton.
  • ** Requires the Parallel Card option (RS-485 port) and requires an external 120V power supply to drive the remote monitor panel.
  1. 600V applications require an input transformer.
  2. At full load without battery discharge.
  3. Output transformers are required if the desired output voltage is not the same as the input voltage.
  4. 600V applications require an output transformer.
Due to continuing improvements, specifications are subject to change without notice.

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