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EC Power offers a complete line of mission critical cooling technology. We offer various form factors and designs to meet your needs. We are specialists in our field and are equipped with a level of technical expertise that stretches far beyond simply our core business. Our offering includes:

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Precise, intelligent air flow control for efficient rack cooling. Units available with or without containment.

Our Cooling Partners

STULZ offers the broadest range of CW and DX precision cooling capacities, including the highest capacity CRAH on the market. This portfolio…


EC Power offers a full range of power distribution products, for everything from the centralized, floor-mount units to horizontal rack mount units or vertical, zero U models. All models are available from the very basic to comprehensive monitoring solutions.

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EC Power offers a wide range of pre-fabricated cables for your computer room, network closet or data center connectivity solution. All ou…
EC Power offers a full range of power distribution units. Everything from basic rackmount models to advanced, comprehensive monitoring and c…


EC Power is a leading provider of backup power. We partner with best-in-class manufacturers to deliver high quality, reliable backup power for everything from a stand-a-lone UPS to a computer room or enterprise and colocation data center.

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As the name suggests, these devices convert power twice. First, an input rectifier converts AC power into DC and feeds it to an output inver…
Emergency lighting requirements and related building codes, such as the Life Safety Code (NFPA 101), are vital in the construction of commer…
These UPSs regulate input utility voltage up or down as necessary before allowing it to pass through to protected equipment. However, like s…

Power Management

Whether you want to monitor a single UPS, integrate with leading virtualization platforms or monitor an entire data center EC Power has a power management software solution for you. From monitoring event history and notifying you of alerts to delivering real-time status and predictive analysis, our software platforms provide the tools needed to keep your applications running.

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Racks & Enclosures

Racks and enclosures are not created equal and should be chosen wisely. EC Power and our partners can assist you in selecting the proper rack or enclosure for today’s need while ensuring it supports future moves, adds and changes. Construction, footprint, working depth, power distribution, wire management and proper airflow are a few of key items to keep in mind when selecting a rack or enclosure to ensure functionality and reliability.

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