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Data Center

EC Power understands that data centers from small business to hyperscale need 100% reliability 100% of the time. No matter the size of your business, today’s data centers demand big performance. Every situation is unique and requires a customized solution for back up power, environmental conditioning, power quality distribution and management. Let the experts at EC Power help design the best solution to meet your current business needs with a focus on reliability, efficiency, scalability, and Total Cost of Ownership.


The healthcare landscape continues to change because of increased technology integrations. As the technology continues to evolve so does the demand for IT Infrastructure and power reliability. EC Power will provide a solution to meet these demands and allow the provider to focus on patient care, reduce overall energy spend/costs, and optimize benefits of new technologies.

  • Micro Data Center/Edge
  • 9PX
  • Total Cable Solutions
  • Rittal


Industrial operations cannot afford downtime and demand reliable quality power. Many industrial applications are in harsh non-IT friendly environments that require special considerations. EC Power has provided continue support and solutions to customers with these demands. Let us provide the right solution for your application today.


With Edge Computing, IT Mission Critical demands continue to increase in scope and are being placed in “non-traditional” spaces. Let EC Power help you efficiently leverage the physical space you have for the network closet. Our solutions will help you organize, protect, and manage your IT Infrastructure.

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