Product Overview

The Eaton 93E UPS delivers customers the most efficient power quality solution in three key areas: space, power and cost. Engineered for maximum efficiency, the 93E delivers up to 98% efficiency while maintaining a small physical footprint. With internal batteries up to 60 kVA the 93E provides an all-in-one solution that also reduces the complexity of installation and startup.

Features & Benefits

  • Lower operating costs through 98% efficiency
  • Up to 21 minutes of runtime with internal batteries
  • Up to 35% smaller footprint than similar competitive solutions
  • One year parts and labor included with Eaton startup plan protection to the load
  • Intelligent Power Manager Software monitors and manages multiple power devices across your network
  • Single cabinet solution reduces installation and wiring costs
  • Single cabinet solution reduces installation, wiring, and maintenance costs
  • Detachable maintenance bypass options guarantee zero downtime

Eaton 93E UPS Product Snapshot

Power Rating20-60 kVA
Voltage208/220 Vac three phase
Frequency50/60 Hz
Model NumberPower Rating (VA/Watts)Input PlugOutput Receptacles
93E (20 & 40 KVA) Models with Standard Runtime
9EF02GG0300100320000 / 16000HardwiredHardwired
9EG04GG0300100340000 / 32000HardwiredHardwired
93E (20-30 KVA) Models for Extended Runtime
9EA02GG0500100320000 / 16000HardwiredHardwired
9EA03GG0500100330000 / 24000HardwiredHardwired
93E (40-60 KVA) Models for External Runtime
9EB04GG0500100340000 / 32000HardwiredHardwired
9EB06GG0500100360000 / 48000HardwiredHardwired

Eaton 93E Document Downloads

Eaton 93E UPS Brochure

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