Product Overview

Raised floors are still the standard in the data center industry, with power cables running underfloor and data or network cables running overhead.  Because it’s the most common data center configuration does that make it right for your data center?  That’s hard to say, it is a personal choice with a lot of pros and cons to be considered that should be based on thoughtful consideration.

EC Power & PDU Cables branch circuit power distribution cables are being installed every day, below a raised floor and overhead with ladder racks and in a cable tray.

To accommodate underfloor power cabling, we, offer liquid tight flexible metal conduit (Liquid Tight) in eleven colors as the best choice for underfloor cabling.  You also have your choice of different weather proof receptacle bell boxes, and a broad selection of mounting hardware designed to elevate the receptacles up off the floor and within easy reach of a pulled floor tile.

Cable Models

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  • Liquid Tight Flexible Metal Conduit (LFMC)
  • Flexible Metal Conduit – (RWS & RWA) – Field Wires
  • Metal Clad Cables (MC Cables)
  • SO Cords – Molded Cord Assemblies
  • Tray Cable – STOOW

Underfloor Power Cable Assemblies Document Downloads

PDU Cables Brochure

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