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Product Overview

Lock down your data center power cords with the P-Lock from EC Power and Total Cable Solutions. As more manufacturers are offering locking outlets, the P-Lock is quickly becoming the standard to prevent accidental disconnection of power cords from PDU outlets.

P-Locks are designed with ‘P-shaped’ clips on each side of the plug housing. These clips produce an audible ‘click’ when inserted assuring a secure locking fit between the plug and the outlet. P-Locks are available in Black, Blue and Red to easily identify main and redundant power sources at a glance. Color coding with P-Locks adds peace-of-mind and ensures maximum uptime.

Features & Benefits

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  • Male connector locks securely into locking PDU
  • Temperature rating: to 105˚F
  • Approvals: UL Listed, RoHS Compliant
  • Ships coiled, never kinked
  • Lifetime Warranty

Model Info

  • P-Lock C14 to C13
  • P-Lock C20 to C19
  • P-Lock C14 to C15

Locking Power Cords Document Downloads

PDU Cables Brochure

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