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Product Overview

EC Power & Total Cable solutions offer the highest quality data center grade power cords in distinct colors to help you streamline installation and management of your power runs. Color coding makes identifying and managing prime and redundant power sources easier, resulting in fewer accidental shut-offs and less downtime.

By using precise lengths, these ultra-flexible cables allow smooth installation and increased airflow while saving significant cabinet space. All cables are UL Listed and RoHS compliant.

Features & Benefits

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  • Vibrant Colors to Identify Critical Devices (Also available in Black & White)
  • Wide selection of Lengths to Minimize Clutter
  • Label on both ends of cable
  • Custom labels available
  • Shipped Coiled for easy installation
  • RoHS compliant
  • Lifetime Warranty

Cable Options

  • C14 to C13
  • 5-15P to C13
  • C20 to C19
  • C14 to C19
  • C20 to C13
  • C14 to C15

Colored Power Cords Document Downloads

PDU Cables Brochure

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