Product Overview

Rittal Direct Expansion (DX) cooling system for up to 20 kW Open or Closed Loop Rack cooling.

Features & Benefits

The LCP is designed for siting within a bayed enclosure suite.
Hot air is drawn in from the room or hot aisle at the rear of the
device, cooled by the high-capacity compact impellers, and
blown back into the room or cold aisle after cooling

  • Cooling output 20 kW
  • Cooling of several server racks
  • Refrigerant R410a
  • Minimized operating costs with efficient EC fan technology
  • Integral condensate and leak management
  • Sophisticated controls and remote online monitoring and
  • Assembly- and service-friendly
  • Increased performance and efficiency in conjunction with
    Rittal aisle containment
  • Integration into RiZone (data center management software)