We live in an ever-changing world of data and information; driven by an expectation of immediate access.  While we’ve seen some incredible changes in the last 5 years I believe we’re only beginning to witness what our near future may hold. I love to use social media to track these kinds of things as well as other items I find of interest.  I will utilize this section to share with you interesting tidbits I find via social media (mostly Twitter). 

1st – Do you enjoy Netflix? Check out these new original shows and movies due for release this year. http://www.techinsider.io/netflix-movies-shows-2016-2015-12

2nd – Do you love being outdoors like I do? I love going for a long run or even a hike in the woods. Check out this video of our sky that was put together with 40-hours of picture taking.


3rd  – Maybe you enjoy a good book? Here are some ‘Best Books Read in 2015’ by WSJ readers.CLICK HERE TO READ MORE