“Don’t let an aging UPS get you down”. Get your UPS and Service Life Extension on your Eaton 9390 done now.

 March 2, 2021  Eaton

Click here to get in contact with EC Power and to learn more about this program   If you have an aging 9390 (10+ years old) and wish to avoid risk of electronics wear-out by extending the reliable service life of their UPS’s another 10 years, Eaton is offering a 9390 Service Life Extension Program.  With this program, Eaton will install a new UPS inside your existing UPS frame with all new and improved electronics. […]

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 October 27, 2020  Eaton

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 May 29, 2020  Eaton

Contact EC Power today and let us help you get a solution quickly! Eaton 9PXM delivers in under a week! Instead of waiting – and waiting –for that Symmetra LX, check out the Quick Cross Guide below. An Eaton rackmount or tower 9PXM can swiftly replace a Symmetra LX of the same kVA rating. Generally, a Symmetra’s kVA rating is denoted by the number(s) appearing before the “k” in the part number. Good things come […]

Eaton‘s 93PM and BladeUPS Platforms Earn ENERGY STAR Qualification for High Energy Efficiency

 January 15, 2016  Eaton

December 29, 2015 … Power management company Eaton, an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 2015 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year, today announced its 93PM and Blade UPS uninterruptible power systems (UPSs) are ENERGY STAR® qualified following stringent third-party testing and verification to meet the program’s energy efficiency requirements. Building on Eaton’s robust portfolio of ENERGY STAR qualified UPS products, the latest validation extends Eaton’s leadership in eveloping innovative solutions that help facility and information technology (IT) managers address their power management needs […]